• How to place your new order in 6 easy steps!!!

Shopping online from Touchdown Meds is very simple. We always try to make it simple to place your order and refill orders. If you have any questions while placing your order, please give us a call at +1 (347) 935-8598 or WhatsApp,  Our Customer Care Agents will be happy to answer your questions and will assist you to place your order.

Step 1.  Search your required medications that you want to place an order for and click the search button

Step 2. Check the product images and detailed descriptions provided. Select product quantity. Click Add to Cart to proceed

Step 3.  Still, at the top right corner of the product page, click View Cart to proceed. And click Proceed to checkout

Step 4.  Fill in your required Shipping address and details in all the blank spaces. Check your cart and shipping details to see if everything looks right.  Once your details are all correct, scroll down to select a payment option.

Step 5. Payment Instructions

Choose between Bitcoins, Zelle, PayPal, and Gift cards as a method of payment.  When you are ready, click on the blue “Place Order” button. Your order will be packaged and shipped only after payment has been received.

Step 6.  Delivery and Tracking

Once we confirm and collect your payment, your order will be processed. And we ship same day if order is placed before 3:00 pm or the following day. We will email your USPS ¦ UPS Tracking number as soon as possible (ASAP)

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